Statement obtained by KATIE JONES, THE STRAITS TIMES

The Organisation strongly condemns this abhorrent and reprehensible act that represents careless and uncontrolled violation of the Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 22 and 28 of The Universal Declaration of Humans Rights (UDHR) proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris, 10 December 1948 (General Assembly resolution 217 A).

Member States will respect the United Nations to be the designated organization that will participate and lead crisis handling due to its role as representative of global interests as well as possessing well known arbitration and mediation capacities in accordance with article 26 of the OIC Charter which states: “The Organisation will enhance its cooperation with the Islamic and other Organizations in the service of the objectives embodied in the present Charter”.

The OIC condemns ISIS and considers current events in Iraq deeply saddening, as it calls upon the UN Secretary General to distribute resources to help the group of people mostly affected by the crises, refugees. The Organisation reminds that every human being has the inherent right to life and freedom, and shall not be subjected to arbitrary exile. We urge the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to cooperate with the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission in order to execute a plan of operations to seed the uphold of basic human rights of uprooted or stateless people in the countries they habitually residence or where they seek asylum, ensuring them not to be returned involuntarily to a country where they could face persecution.

Once more, it affirms the urgency for all States to fully uphold their obligations under the International Human Rights Law to protect those involved in mixed migratory movements and prohibit advocacy of racial, national or religious hatred that in any way creates or encourages discrimination, hostility or violence. It is imperative to renew the commitment to promote tolerance, dialogue and understanding at each level to secure the life of all. So, the Organisation decides to calls upon representatives of the Human Rights Watch organization to follow both the situation in conflict zones and the parallel one in the countries of whom borders are currently closed and their governments are publicly rejecting the immigration of refugees, to generate and analyze reports of the ongoing changes in this situations, to be send to the OIC and the UNHCR, so there is a constant flow of humanitarian supplies to people wedged outside national boarders.

While it asks the European Union Delegation to the United Nations to contact the OIC’s permanent mission in the EU, to address the situation of refugees by requesting them to inform this Organisation on what their current capacity of acceptance of refugees is, for us to work in hand of the UNHCR on the relocation of innocent vulnerable people from refugee programs.

Further condemns the lack of tolerance and support shown by western nations, taking special notes of the declarations of the executives of the United States of America and the French Republic which promote nothing but a lack of values when it comes to protecting the rights of all human beings. The OIC calls for the rest of the western nations not to follow on this misguided footsteps, but rather walk in the path of support and tolerance for all humanity.

Taking into account the differences within the Organisation and aware that there are within those differences common principles that build upon our Islamic identity as stated in its Charter, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation declares:

Member States will respect the sovereignty of other states as well as their choice of religion, their choice of government and their autonomy. The OIC should call for unity and diplomacy in the organisation, as well as invite Member States to understand that the principles of sovereignty and democracy call for them not to impose their ideals on other Members;

In attention to article 19 of the OIC Charter which states: “In the performance of their duties, the Secretary-General, Assistant Secretaries General and the staff of the General Secretariat shall not seek or accept instructions from any government or authority other than the Organisation. They shall refrain from taking any action that may be detrimental to their position as international officials responsible only to the Organisation. Member States shall respect this exclusively international character, and shall not seek to influence them in any way in the discharge of their duties”, calls for the inclusion or adoption of neutral representatives on the Secretariat positions so as to ensure that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation responds to all views and beliefs and not to specific political interests of limited nations as well as ensuring that in moments of crisis the Organization can serve its diplomatic purpose.

As a closing remark, the Organisation considers it necessary to pass on the Crisis and this official statement to the Security Council, to allow them to evaluate possible conducts to address the situation directly in the affected area.


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