Special Summit on Terrorism Drafting the Resolution

By Sarah Rangkuti, the WSJ (expository)

As the fourth session began, the director reminded all delegates to start working on the draft resolution(s). There has been six working papers submitted yesterday (2/17) in which various central and focused ideas have been introduced for draft resolutions. According to the delegate of Senegal, the SMART group, which mainly focused on the prevention of radicalization by educating society, and the group that focused on Diagnose, Treat and Resolve (DTR) are merging their ideas.


SMART and DTR are merging their ideas

During the first 20 minutes, there was an unmoderated caucus, where the Wall Street Journal observed that there are some delegations that have not made a the decision yet to choose the certain bloc they would like to join. The Delegate of Ecuador expressed their opinion, “They are making a good resolution, but they don’t have any idea about Islam and the terrorism because it has a huge differences.” Ecuador agrees with the idea that education can cut the root cause problem of terrorism.

While the other blocs are merging their ideas, the pro-sovereignty bloc is stick to their stance and collaborating with the African union, as well as improving the solutions so it could be implemented for all countries. “In tackling the terrorism, we believe that we must respect each nation sovereignty. It has to be focused socially, security-wise, technologically, and politically,” said the Delegate of Iran to the WSJ. She added that in terms of education, the pro-sovereignty bloc would like to educate people about islamophobia and radicalism through the social media campaign using the representatives of media industry. Iran stressed on the monitoring of the media to prevent youth to be recruited.

However, all delegates in SST have been working hard to draft the resolution is due tomorrow. The WSJ hopes all nations could put aside their ego in order to find the best solution to tackle terrorism.


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