Spain Interviews about the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Committee

By KATIE JONES, THE STRAITS TIMES (Interview Transcript)

Q: What is your main stance on the topic?

A: The delegation of Spain is mainly focusing on protection through observation but also weaponry. We want to have extremely advanced detection software, but also we hope to somehow form a way in which nations can hold nuclear weapons only for peaceful uses. It sounds strange, nuclear weapons, but it may just work with the right steps.


Q: Isn’t there any other means of destroying asteroids besides nuclear weapons?

A: Unfortunately not really. People often view asteroids as these medium sized rocks just drifting around space. It’s not true. Asteroids fly thousands of miles per hour, and they can be the giant, like the size of Texas. The only technology we have right now that could solve the problem is nuclear weapons. Honestly, it is so rare that an asteroid would hit Earth, that this is all hypothetical. It probably won’t happen.


Q: How do you feel about Russia and the United States working on the same paper?

A: So we are actually on that paper with them. It’s strange that they are willing to work together in this instance and it could be mildly concerning. Yet, we are here for our interests only. I don’t really care what Russia or the US do, as we have decent relations with both nations. My main concern is the safety of the citizens of Spain.


Q: Have you heard of any ideas that you do not agree with?

A: Yes, tons actually. Someone was hoping to get missiles for the UN, which would mean an international body would have access to weapons. I really don’t even know how someone could come to that conclusion. There was also one idea discussing building missile containers on the moon. While it sounds like a good idea, you have to understand that the moon doesn’t belong to anyone, so this would violate some form of international law.


Q: China has offered to expand their weaponry solely for the use of defending space. What do you think about this?

A: I’m not sure. It seems a little sketchy as China is a global competitor to lead the world. It’s something that should definitely be looked into, and no irrational decisions can be made yet. In short, I am not sure what my opinion would actually be, but I suppose I would lean more towards disagreeing with China’s intentions.



Delegation of Spain discusses nuclear weapons and space with The Straits Times.


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