Questions and Answer after the Panel of Authors in NATO

BY FRANCESCA TIRAVANTI, The Straits Times (Expository)

  1. Netherlands: “I was wondering in point number 10, when you talk about the special report by the NAC you just have two criteria which will be in process or satisfactory. So NATO will never reject a country, we just keep them in process; what will happen with those¡ countries we do not want in NATO and what happens with every country that applies into this?

Turkey: “Thank you for your questions. If you read carefully into point 10.8 it is explained that if the member is not ready to join the alliance, then NATO will communicate that to ministry of foreign affairs of that country what is the reason they are not ready to join. The main reason why it is in process is because is because od doubts regarding that.”

USA: “We also have two other clauses that explain in more detail the strong relationship we are trying to have with each minister of internal affairs in order to have a well commit that we are approaching them with the best intentions.”


  1. Italy: “Don’t you believe there is someone specially to mandate those constitutional change, considering you are dealing with citizens and national identity loss problems?

Denmark: “First of all that is a compromise that will assume the nation and that does not require a constitutional change; it will be realized between NATO and the nation within a conversation in which they will compromise themselves in order to protect the minorities in their countries.”

USA: “As you can see that is a recommendation we are proposing mainly for Russia and it will be followed by the organizations according to their ministers.


  1. Belgium: “In clause number 7, we are wondering if NATO is according to that clause and if it will make it more efficient o necessary?”

Turkey: “The membership of this committee is strictly for one process, because the PFP is another initiative of NATO we are planning another one called the acceptation road mark stipulated in the draft resolution.”

Norway: “The partnership for peace that has the main goal of creating goodwill and cooperation between countries.”

USA: “By this point we have 28 countries participating in the partnership for peace and we are completely aware of our mainly job that is having indirect threats and more approaches with these states in order to get a stronger alliance.”


The United States of America (middle), Denmark, Norway and Turkey.


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