PRESS RELEASE: Special Summit on Terrorism held its first Press Conference

By Sarah Rangkuti, The WSJ (opinion)

After a long discussion in the previous committee session, the Special Summit on Terrorism is finally introducing the six working papers that have been submitted to the directors. Most of the working papers covered all proposed solutions to the problem the countries faced, such as but not limited to the prevention of radicalization, how to counter the terrorism, improving education, empowering the youth, last but not least, international corporation and multinational partnerships.

During the working paper introduction, most of the delegates thought that their proposed solutions are the most ideal idea to tackle the terrorism issue. The statement has been strengthened by the delegate of Guatemala that the working paper 1.1 which titled Smart Counter Terrorism Initiative had addressed all the proposed solution needed, besides it also has strict to the country’s policy.


Zimbabwe stated that we should respect each nation’s sovereignty

The Wall Street Journal agree to the delegate of Zimbabwe that we should respect each nation’s sovereignty. Another point that we agree from the Pro-Sovereignty bloc is that UN, however, should prioritize assisting countries with low levels of youth employment by providing youth training efficiently, both theoretical and vocational training. Sometimes people who not well-educated will do whatever it takes to get at the top, this is the reason why the WSJ also in favour with the Finance idea from the Pro-Sovereignty bloc that the most effective way to combat terrorism is to attack their methods of funding. This statement is strengthen with the point of the country should create further guidelines and restriction to prevent further terrorism’s financing.

Last night (18/2) the Special Summit on Terrorism committee held its first press conference. The WSJ got the opportunity to pose a question on state-sponsored terrorism to the committee. The delegation of Norway noted that it was a very controversial topic, “We can only accused the state only after the investigation,” he added.


Delegate of Norway noted that state-sponsored terrorism could be accuse after the thorough investigation

Another opinion come from the delegation of Nigeria, “It’s a fact that some countries in the forum are sponsoring team. As we have discussed in the forum previously that first we have to find the causes. This is our responsibility to point out countries that are sponsoring terrorist groups.” He answered confidently.

The press was left unsatisfied with the short time. There is one question in the WSJ mind that was left unasked due to the lack of time. The SST has been discussing how to combat terrorism in various aspects. We wonder if the committee has found the alternative solutions to diminish the terror that spread to through the internet and the steps to take to identify budding terrorist.


Delegate of Nigeria was stating his opinion towards the WSJ question in the press conference


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