Plans and Solutions in the Special Summit on Sustainable Development Committee

BY FRANCESCA TIRAVANTI, The Straits Times. (Expository)

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”, that is how the Brundtland Report defined it in 1993. Years later the definition has not changed and the goals either; because that is what the delegates in the Sustainable Development committee are aiming for.

The concept of this need being in particular the ones third world countries and the world’s poor are in necessity off. In today’s committee session the delegates were discussing the role of sustainable development in many different fields, like education, socially, economically and even politically. It Is not all about the environment, it is about making a change the world can see.

The delegate from Spain addressed the problem of the economic development of countries in poverty, stating that we should help them become an “Emerging market economy and to succeed in this, we should increase the investment in infrastructure such as hospitals, roads and electrical lines. This would help them be more involved in the market and therefore increase their economy.” He also stated that in his Working Paper called P.I.E his team addressed this issues more deeply.

There was Q&A session at the beginning of the session, where delegates were able to ask questions about plans, solutions and changes in the working papers presented yesterday. For the first question, the French Republic asked the delegated from the PAPA block Working Paper, “how the meds at 3pm plan would respond to the necessity of the countries in a rapid and efficient way?”. To this questions the delegate from Israel stated that. “We do not want to create more bureaucracy since that diminishes the achievements, creates tensions and lessens their goals. In this way we want to improve the responses from the existing solutions we already have in order make better the consequences of it. We will work with WHO and the World Bank to improve the performance and endurance of this so the assistance given to countries will be better and quickly.”

Furthermore, countries as Myanmar and its block want to improve countries and make them technology-based countries. By this they mean to improve an y aspect in which technology is involved like education, medicine, jobs and economy. In the medicine field they will provide free-medicines to the countries, but their will be a previous agreement with the government of the countries that they are helping.


The delegate of Myanmar addressing the questions that were asked to her block.


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