Peaceful Uses of Outer Space: Nuclear Weapons?



Delegates look over the working papers in the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space committee.

The Peaceful Uses of Outer Space committee is introducing working papers. The solutions presented have raised questions as to if this committee is really focused on developing cooperation and coordination in the final frontier.

China wants to expand an arsenal of nuclear weapons. It’s simple to determine that most Asian nations, Singapore included, will not be happy if this is allowed. It gets crazier though—Indonesia has offered its full support to China’s resolution. The diplomatic relations between the two regions were suspended in 1967. Indonesia must have had a serious change of heart to allow China to perform a power play on an international level.

With China being a global power, this has a massive effect on the security of Singapore. Saying that the expansion of nuclear weapons is for everyone’s own protection is absolutely ridiculous, and it will create a lot of enemies in the Asian region of the world. The government of Singapore strongly condemns the actions of China, and looks forward to cooperation with allies such as Malaysia, Brunei, and Myanmar. As for Indonesia, they too deserve to be cut out of any Asia-Pacific negotiations because they will be labeled as traitors.

There’s even more information that is extremely concerning on a global scale. Russia and the United States are coordinating on the same working paper, both involving increasing nuclear arsenals for the “safety and security of the world”. Iran and Spain are also on this working on this paper, which is rather odd because the president of the United States tried to ban the people of Iran from entering the nation. What is actually going on?

Nuclear weapons need to be forgotten about. While they may be practical for defending the planet against asteroids (According to NASA, the chances of an asteroid hitting Earth is one in 63,000), nations simply cannot be trusted in expanding their arsenals. Small nations are left floundering, and are forced to seek refuge under any of the permanent members of the United Nations.

Even more radical ideas were offered in the committee. Crowdfunding $50,000 dollar missiles, building missile silos on the moon (which would be a massive violation of international law), and even ideas that literally straight out of Star Wars.

As this committee begins to vote on solutions, all we can do is hope that small nations similar to ours will band together to stop the hegemonic nations from power grabbing. As far as The Straits Times can tell, this committee is not peaceful.


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