Organization of Islamic Cooperation: PRESS RELEASE


The Straits Times conducted a press conference with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The committee has been working tirelessly to create viable solutions to establishing peace and understanding in the Middle East region.


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

In a recent crisis update, the Iraqi government has failed to contain an Islamic State offensive against Shia holy shrines in Karbala. The Shias in the east are outraged by the government’s failure to protect them.

During the Press Conference, a question asked by The Straits Times was, “How will you prevent further radicalization of youth in Iraq and Iraqi refugees?”

The delegation of Djibouti was eager to respond, citing the need for increased education and welfare programs to provide youth with the necessary tools to inhibit radicalization. When pressed for where funding will stem from, Djibouti presented many solutions including the International Islamic Education Fund.

The Straits Times asked questions regarding the crisis, specifically as to how the Organization for Islamic Cooperation would respond. Many delegates agreed that there needed to be a call for peace. Delegates also described providing education and resources to those in conflicted areas.

The Sunday Times also presented the question, “In DISEC, there is a consensus that some degree of censorship is necessary to detain terror. Are you afraid that this may hinder your collective objectives if it is accepted and implemented?”

Delegates responded to the question stating that this indeed would possibly hinder the agenda that the committee is wishing to achieve. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is looking to have an open flow of communication and discussion, to further recognize the sigmas behind Islamophobia.

Kuwait wrapped up the press conference stating that there was a dire need for peace, and the committee would not stop until that was achieve. The delegate hopes to further progress the Middle East, but still holds a profound respect for the variety of cultures in the region.


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