Merge pending in SPECPOL

by Daniel Juliao, El Mundo (Expository)

The impact of the press conference will soon become evident. It is merge season in SPECPOL and developments are likely to ensue. For starters, the bloc that wrote 1.5 working papers had too many differences to overcome. The delegate from Ireland was accurate in her judgment the bloc focused squarely on inclusion was too unstable for its own good. Following the division of working paper 1.5, more mergers seem to be in place.

The first merger in the works is a merger between a portion of the 1.5 and working paper 1.1. The details of the merge are still in question and will be revealed later on when drafts begin to get submitted. On top of this merge is the upcoming merge between the 1.5 faction and 1.1 and working paper 1.2. While this unprecedented triple merge is still in its infancy, its impact is sure to be felt. This merge may have recruited members from the Islamic state, that wrote the working paper El Cosa. This is startling as this working paper was subject to criticism during the press conference for the strong gender separation advocated in the working paper and by the signatories.

Working paper 1.3 is also merging with working paper 1.4. While neither working paper 1.3 and working paper 1.4 are as massive as working papers involved in the other merge, this union is not to be discarded. Members from both working papers are actively trying to complete the merge as precisely as possible. One of the biggest concerns leading up to the press conference was the concept of complexity and vagueness. Both blocs are working diligently to reduce all possible vagueness as these issues can have a long lasting negative impact on various countries if left vague and open to the interpretation of others.

The last group consists of leftover propositions  from the split in working paper 1.5. This faction is not openly discussing mergers, but as the smallest bloc remaining it may be in their best interest to do so. As a small bloc, it seems unlikely that they will gather much if any external support, especially with their former colleagues distancing themselves to join a triple merger. The best course of action for this group may be to merge, as strength in numbers is in their best interests. The delegate of Iran strongly believes that this group will be short lived and will merge promptly.

The press conference truly had a substantial impact on the dynamics of SPECPOL. The split within working paper 1.5 that seemed inevitable finally occurred, yet the Islamic States were able to bounce back from being the focal point of the press conference. The triple merger has taken initiative and is sure to be a power to contest within as session continues. If the merger between 1.3. and 1.4 can find a way to add the independent half of 1.5 then it may very well find itself as a strong antagonist to the triple merger.


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