Greedy Industry Leaders Form Exclusive Club, Neglecting American Interests


Note: This information was given exclusively to the Wall Street Journal by Charles Dow in the Captains of American Industry committee.

New York – After a tumultuous series of events in South America, the United States is at war with the United Kingdom. While the war was originally attributed to the targeting of a U.S. merchant vessel out of a South American port by British torpedoes, the Wall Street Journal has exclusive evidence proving that the war was in fact instigated by American industry leaders out of their own selfish motivations.

Several captains of American Industry have assembled an exclusive “Union Club” to pursue their own business interests rather than the general welfare of the american public. Charles Dow, the founder of the Wall Street Journal, worked undercover in the Union Club to to identify its existence and break this exclusive story.

Through the Union Club, the big business heads of the United States have actively worked together to promote their own industries. The war in Venezuela was started by Eugene DuPont, head of the DuPont corporation, who planted bombs in Venezuela to sink the American vessel that launched the United States into a full-scale war with the United Kingdom. The war was started to promote the growth of certain industries and bolster profits, successfully creating a military-industrial complex in the United States.

The British Royal Navy, the most powerful naval fleet in the world, is now setting sail towards the U.S. for a full-scale invasion as a direct consequence of the measures taken by Eugene DuPont and other members of the Union Club. Furthermore, the President of the United States has appointed these business leaders to even bigger positions, as they are now serving as his war advisers. The public should be outraged that the security of this great nation and the safety of our brave American soldiers and sailors have been directly compromised as a result of manipulative chess-playing by industry leaders.

Additionally, the war with the United Kingdom was started to distract the American general public, who had been growing increasingly frustrated with the decisions made by big business leaders. The move was an attempt to limit the growth of the populist movement and silence those demanding fair treatment and better working conditions. The Union Club also has enormous sway over the upcoming special elections, with both Republican and Democratic candidates back by the Union Club.

Members of the Union Club include, but are not limited to: Eugene DuPont, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Leland Stanford. The Wall Street Journal notes that this story is the exclusive content of the Wall Street Journal. Joseph Pulitzer and the New York Times actively promoted yellow journalism in collaboration with the Union Club to facilitate this war.


Placards of several members of the Union Club, an elitist group of industry leaders who instigated the US’ war with the UK behind-the-scenes for business profits.


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