Good and Bad News for the Republic of Romania

By FRANCESCA TIRAVANTI, The Straits Times (Expository)

In the first day on the conference, the state council of the Socialist Republic of Romania 1968, receive some devastating news that put the committee on-edge. A group of 200 paratroopers had gotten lost somewhere between Oradea and Palota, and it seemed they were far away from figuring out what had happened. Today, they receive what it seems like the first good news of the committee.

It seems like the paratroopers are stranded in Oradea, but no contact can be established between them and the government, since someone (probably the one who kidnapped them) had cut down the electricity and there were no other ways to contact them. The main part of this fiasco was what happened to the Hungarian leaders of the Romanian army, since they also received some sketchy news. Looks like a recent purge put them on the way to Transylvania where they found out something terrible.

An anonymous source delivered this image with a really freaky message attached: “You think this is funny? Killing Hungarian prisoners and sending them to the border to send a message? Remember who has the upper hand in this battle.”

But with great news they also came bad ones. There was a massive riot organized by the president of the central council of worker control; this was made by 200,000 people working for them, they invaded the city of Bucharest. This comes only days after the Soviet Union positioned its troops along the Bulgarian border. This also coincides with the Mayor of Bucharest speech about the future of Romania, were 150,000 people were present.

Besides that, the speech given was not liked by the protestors who do not support the Mayor’s point of view; that is why they are the principal suspects of the bombing train that collided with Bucharest central train station, leaving 321 people dead and 516 people injured. The consequences is that the train station has been closed for an undefined period of time, leaving millions of rural families with no food and creating even more chaos outside of the capital.

This number of controversial catastrophes has disturbed the President and the Minister of International Affairs. With chaos all over the country, it seems that a civil war it’s on the way. The government have stated that they will fight it and they will do anything their power restore Romania, but they also said: “Prepare yourselves, Ministers.” Today we asked ourselves, what can do government do to save its country or will it be too late?



The president of the National Assembly addressing the issues the committee is facing.

The ministers of the committee looking for solutions.


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