An Analysis of “Era of She”


In the Commission on the Status of Women, a paper has emerged, titled Era of She. The 12 page monster goes into full depth of how to solve the crisis of violence against women. Having gone through multiple mergers, this paper covers almost everything from medical attention to empowering women.

This draft resolution is a personal favorite across all committees. It engages the international community, yet allows for local leaders to still maintain a level of discretion when handling situations involving violence on women. One item that stands out is the use of state leaders, experts, and UN diplomats. This is extremely important as now there are multiple points of view being conveyed to create educational decisions.

The delegation of Spain broke the resolution down into its main parts: implementation, legal policy framework, economics, education, empowerment and advocacy, health care and crisis management, and wartime violence.


The delegation of Spain stresses the need for support on the draft resolution, Era of She.

Education is necessary in preventing violence from happening repeatedly to the same individual. The resolution discusses the power of choice in culture practices such as female genital mutilation, safe sex practices, and sexualization and objectification of women in the media. To further this education, Era of She has even encouraged the creation of advocacy campaigns modeled after NGOs such as HeForShe.

In nations where there are not many resources, the Era of She resolution is supporting the expansion and creation of shelters to ensure emergency and long-term care. It also recommends the establishment of voluntary and affordable contraception so that there may be an alternative to forced abortive practices and marriages.

One of the most important aspects of this paper is focusing on the empowerment of women. The resolution covers unpaid apprenticeship programs that would lead into paid employment, and offering voluntary life-skills training. This training would include household development, family planning, and financial and technological literacy training.

This paper clearly has the most extensive coverage in the entire committee of stopping violence against women. Amnesty International has even voiced support and offered insight on the paper and speaking about the importance of ideas such as medical care for those that are survivors of violence.


Amnesty International discusses medical care for survivors of violence.

Era of She will have a significant impact if passed by the Commission on the Status of Women. The resolution paper is the peak of respecting cultural and state sovereignty, while actively fighting against the violence on women.


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