A “historical moment for UNESCO”

By WBQ. Al-Quds Al-Arabi

Between yesterday evening and this morning, a series of crises have passed, according to delegates in UNESCO. Precious artifacts have been stolen and terrorists have killed educators sent by UNESCO.

These crises, together with the working papers that were written last night, have aroused a heated discussion regarding the specific measures needed at this point. The delegate of Singapore motioned and brought up the need for a “new funding mechanism.”

Then the delegate of the Russian Federation made a constructional speech detailing their working paper and mentioning a few potential solutions for the crisis, including creating an identification system of the artifacts. Ghana and South Africa emphasized similar solutions.

After that, the delegate of Germany expressed that, “this is a historical moment for UNESCO.”

The representative of Belgium said, “This is a great loss not only for individual states but also for the international society.”

He then suggested to establish a “national inventory for artifacts” and a “real-time locating system” so that we can be able to track these artifacts. His idea to combine technology with resolution was highly approved and appreciated by following delegates, and was similar to the idea of the delegate of France who later proposed to perfect the Cultural Artifact Certification (CAC) process, which includes the certification and documentation each artifact’s origin and country.

After the discussion of the solution of the first part of the crisis about the stolen artifacts, the delegates began to address the murders of the UNESCO educators. The delegate of South Africa stated by appealing military intervention around these area in order to protect those people, which was strongly opposed by the delegate of Venezuela who believes that military intervention will definitely “escalate the situation.”

The delegate of Pakistan, however, argued that these terrorists were not organized in a way we will be able to educate, and once again stressed the need for hard measures. “We need aid that does not infringe upon sovereignty,” Pakistan stated.


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