When Amnesty Should be Granted



A delegate from Russia discusses circumstances in which amnesty should be allowed.

In the second session of the Legal committee, there was a discussion as to what circumstances should allow for amnesty to be granted. There are many opinions on this situation, and there is a fine line to be walked when forming a decision.

28 different areas in the world are currently experiencing conflict. There are millions of lives at stake, but depending on the level of crime committed, amnesty may not be granted.

Singapore is a small nation, but places its priority on its citizens. Safety of those in their home nation comes entirely before those looking for security in a foreign area. There are also many consequences to consider when granting amnesty. So, what could happen after amnesty has been granted?

Depending on the profile of the person given amnesty, there could be backlash of social dissent and public disagreement. In the instance of a severe war crime such as genocide, amnesty cannot be granted as there may be a public fear and loss of security within the nation. Singapore works regularly to monitor human rights, and prevent any form of violation.

Some immigrants seek a better life, a place where there is peace and security when moving to a new foreign area. In this instance, amnesty may be granted, as it furthers peace in the harboring nation.

Immigrants make up nearly a quarter of the population in Singapore. The nation did not sign the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. It was not signed for security reasons, as Singapore wishes to review any case of those who choose to enter and live permanently in the nation.

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, Singapore has a peace rating that is “very high”. The Global Peace Index ranked the nation as 24th out of 156th nations. In the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore has been listed as fourth, placing just ahead of Malaysia.

Singapore takes its national security extremely seriously. By doing so, the nation has achieved an outstanding peace rating, which benefits the citizens who reside here. Amnesty is something to be taken very seriously, and all circumstances should be considered to avoid stimulating a new area of conflict. Singapore will continue to maintain strict regulations on amnesty, and will condemn any criminals that are too severe to allow in the nation.


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