United Nations Security Council Swamped with Multiple Crises


A hostage situation occurred in the Central African Republic, and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) are working towards solutions to solve the situation.


The United Nations Security Council holds a vote on a directive that would create a weapon-free zone.

The hostage situation has sparked protests by republicans and anti-colonists. The protesters are specifically blaming the French government for allegedly “meddling” through “interventions”. The people have reason to believe that the French government is inhibiting the Central African Republic’s independence. It is also rumored that the French have been playing a role in which they are recolonizing the region.


The French delegation defends their presence in the Central African Republic.

Permanent members such as the United States, France, and the United Kingdom have been working to take immediate military action with local forces in the Central African Republic. There has been discussion about potential NATO involvement in the crisis, yet P5 members plan to veto this decision. Later, France may chose to have a small operation on behalf of NATO. If France chooses to follow through with this decision, there will not be a full deployment of troops in the region.

Currently, nations are working to create logistical support for the local forces. The Russian Federation publically announced that the use of NATO would be instigating “imperialist intentions” in the area.


The Russian Federation expresses its concerns over certain directives.

The UNSC as a whole made the decision to pass a directive which would create a weapon-free zone in the conflict area. Sweden has privately sent troops to protect the local citizens, and is pushing closer to the conflict zone.

Going forward, a large portion of the UNSC has pushed a directive to the floor involving humanitarian aid. All countries within the United Nations would provide developmental funds towards stabilizing the region. The funding will improve access to basic social services for citizens, provide solutions for displaced persons, and further deploy the existing NGOs in the region to provide aid.

Part of the directive involves creating better education systems and establish rural clinics/functional hospitals in the region. Sweden has already started this process, by creating a hospital fully funded by Sweden. Medical support will be provided through Doctors without Borders.

In additional to the hostage crisis, another update was given, stating that a “new National Basketball Association franchise will be established in the Central African Republic”. The new team will be called the Central African Republic Warriors. Tryouts will be held at a local gym in Bangui tomorrow.


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