To Improve is to Change, To Perfect is to Change All

By WBQ, Al-Quds Al-Arabia (expository)

In the second session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), delegates discussed various working papers.

The working group, consisting of delegates from France, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, and Haiti, stressed a system called “CPR.” The delegation of Venezuela then proposed the conservation of “CPR”, resulting in divergent opinions within the committee.

The delegate of Germany, who is currently working with the delegate of Italy and Australia, stated that “We can only show our result and our effort by accelerating the progress of resolution.” The delegate of Zambia proposed measures need to be taken before, during, and after the conflict.

However, in the middle of the caucus, the delegate of Singapore aggressively criticized the committee, saying that he was “absolutely disappointed with the process.” He then explained further, “Before the CPR resolution or progress, its more essential for all related countries to reach a consent.”

After the debate, the delegate of Greece suggested that each working group specialize their working paper into specific individual topics in order to develop more comprehensive solutions. The delegate of Haiti also emphasized bearing feasibility in mind for solutions incorporating expensive technologies, and suggested that the sponsors change polish the working paper in a way that can work for all countries.

The next issue was brought up by the delegate of Republic of Korea. He stated that the British Museum is nothing but the monument of colonization. “We should look into the future of these artifacts and make sure those precious artifacts will be returned by those countries who took care of them,” he said.

The delegate of Canada responded to the Republic of Korea and concluded the argument with statements such as “Never say never,” and “We need to do this.”

Then, the delegate of Netherlands suggested that this committee establish a world experts committee on cultural heritage under UNESCO. “We can’t jump to the solution without inspecting the situation first,” they asserted.

However, the delegate of Turkey stressed education and reservation, stating that, “To improve is to change, to perfect is to change all. إن شاء الله.


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