To Infinity and Beyond, The Peaceful Uses Of Outer Space Committee

By FRANCESCA TIRAVANTI, The Straits Times (Opinion/Interview)

By the end of today first committee session, blocks were merging and delegates were more enthusiastic than ever. With the working papers almost done, they have come up with innovative and resourceful solutions to target each of the committee’s problems. The committee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space is definitely one of the oddest ones, but they sure know how to handle what far far away.

We gathered with the delegate representing the Islamic Republic of Iran and he explained to us, what are the goals the block composed by the United States, Russia, Canada and himself, have.


The delegate of Iran during the Interview.

“We are trying to implement a three pillar plan, that will tackle all of the issues the committee has presented”, he said, “We believe the most important thing right now is to try and protect those who do not have the means to do it by themselves”.

What they are trying to do, is that in this plan there will be a fund for aids services, for initiatives and for protecting nations. “Our block is called the O.N.E block, O for operational, N for new and E for effective. We name it after that because we are merging into one big mind that will propose excellent and viable solutions to target asteroid related disasters”.

What captured my attention the most was the proposal to use Nuclear Weapons if there are needed when an asteroid is on its way to earth. What the delegate explained me was that nuclear weapons were once used to fight the population, they are seen as something terrible that will only bring more chaos; but in this matter, they are extremely useful. “Nuclear weapons will be used to fire into space a missile that will destroy the asteroid before it collides with earth, in this way we can now use something for a greater cause that once was used for evil.”


The delegates of Iran, Russia, Canada, United States.

Furthermore, when speaking with the delegate of the Unites States, she stated that the has one main goals, and that is to help the populations. “There is a priority to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Some countries do not have space bases and do not know what is happening outside of the world, we want to help them know and help them be prepared for what is happening.”

One of the most eye-catching proposals was the one presented by the United States also. It is called C.E.R.M and it practically summarizes the main goals of the committee.

“Do not debate until it’s too late to act”, was a thing the delegate from Iran told me and I find extremely true. Taking action into matters is what they are doing, taking things to infinity, and beyond.




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