Spread of Health Information and Resources

By FRANCESCA TIRAVANTI, The Straits Times (Expository)

In the Special Summit on Sustainable Development Committee, today delegates have changed the flow of the debate, and started proposing new, better and viable solutions to tackle the problem they decided to debate yesterday: development after a health crisis.

As it expected, the countries that had more to say where the ones located in the African Continent. Throughout the year’s countries with a poor economy and political system have been victims of health crises, that in the end left the country devastated since there are not able to help their population. Many deaths and years of delay are just some of the consequences this brings.

The delegate of the Republic of Chad said that “every single year in our country we lose approximately 40,000 people to the influenza virus; kids, mothers and fathers. People that did no deserve to end like that, but our country has a poor health system therefore we cannot do much about it.” He also stated that if the people were informed about how the vaccine works, since it’s a preventable vaccine not a cure; they could have saved themselves.

This leads to one disruptive topic being debated in today’s committee session: how can the spread of health information and resources help developing countries battle the deadly viruses that haunt their population.

The delegate of Burkina Faso explained the situation of her country, saying that their economic and political positions is not good, every year they suffer but they are trying to look for a sustainable solution.

Global health presents an immense role in the security of every single country around the world.  That is why delegates are looking for a way to implement sustainable and reasonable solutions that will fit every country’s need, in order to help the development, that they deserve. Some have called upon asking for help to fund the American community and the African development bank, so that they will implement a finance framework that will sustain the developing countries economies.

What many delegates have stated is that this committee should start promoting health to every country and at the same time promote information about the international spread of different diseases that could strike a nation. In addition, distributing more sustainable and resourceful goals, for a more sustainable and developed world, is another goal of the committee.


The delegation of Burkina Faso addressing the problems the country has had and promoting new solutions.


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