SPECPOL: Calling for Solutions to Reforming United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

By Sarah Rangkuti, the WSJ (opinion)

The United Nations has an important role to play in acting as a peacekeeping entity, especially after reconciling failings of past peacekeeping missions. In order for failure not to be repeated in the future, the special political and decolonisation committee agreed to discuss the topic A (reforming the UN peacekeeping operation) as topic B (improving governance in Somalia) couldn’t be relate to some countries in the forum. The delegates of SPECPOL noted that a better training for UN Peacekeeper should be provided as to make them knowledgeable to the cultural differences before they send to the certain field. Since each country faces various problems, most of them are hunger, security and or even civil war, The Wall Street Journal see this as an opportunity that the committee will propose to revise the procedure and mandate of the UN peacekeeper.

The Wall Street Journal got the chance to ask some delegates towards their country point of view. St. Vincent and the Grenadines believe one of the solution is experienced human resource, recruiting those who have been working in resolution project or as peacekeepers. Besides that, the WSJ believes the peacekeepers should be well-equipped and must be in fairly sufficient in numbers to present a credible prevention against violence. Another solution is proposed by Kyrgyzstan along with Canada, Mongolia, Jordan and Switzerland that they must find a way to keep on continuing the education process during the war as they called it Social Development Platform as a way for UN Peacekeeping Operations to address the human development aspect of the UNPKO mission in which they will send the teachers, paramedic, and social workers to accelerate the development of the citizens in conflicted areas in a post-conflicts situations. (wsj)


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