Providing Opportunities in Foreign Relations—The Council on Foreign Relations at HNMUN 2017

GARIMA KARIA, THE HINDU (Expository/Conference Affairs)


The Council on Foreign Relations’ booth at HNMUN 2017.

BOSTON: This year, delegates at HNMUN 2017 have the opportunity to connect with international relations on another level thanks to the presence of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) at the conference. I spoke with Veronica Bernie, Program Associate (Outreach) and Kate Griesemer, Program Assistant (Outreach) this morning to learn more about what CFR can offer HNMUN delegates and students interested in learning more about international relations in real time.

Both Ms. Bernie and Ms. Griesemer are at HNMUN on behalf of CFR’s Academic Outreach Initiative, a program that is committed to serving as a resource for the academic community and “encouraging students from all disciplines to consider how international issues shape their own lives and the lives of others across the globe,” as per their mission statement. “We want to connect the educators and students present at HNMUN with all the resources CFR has to offer,” the representatives said. The importance of informing people of the resources CFR has and making these resources accessible to those that will profit from them academically and intellectually is of paramount important to these two representatives and the organization at large. “It’s great to inform students who are already passionate!” they said. And what better place to find engaged students with a passion for international relations than at HNMUN!

Council special reports, task forces, magazines, and the Higher Education Working Group are some of the many resources CFR has to offer. CFR’s representatives hope that these materials will assist delegates not only in their research and deliberation during HNMUN itself, but also in their academic careers. In addition, CFR also offers professional development workshops, open academic conferences, and “CFR Campus,” a program composed of events, briefings and an academic conference call series geared towards students.

When asked what their favourite part of HNMUN has been so far, the CFR representatives were in agreement that the international nature of the conference has been “the most fun for them.” The ability to reach out to and speak with delegates from across the globe is a unique opportunity for CFR, according to the representatives, and the opportunity to connect them with CFR resources is one that they “usually don’t have access to, so they are very grateful for it.

Finally, as they packed up their materials, I asked them what advice they would give young, aspiring foreign policymakers and students interested in pursuing a career in foreign relations work. In response, I was enlightened and informed of the career and internship opportunities that CFR so proudly offers for the aforementioned students. “Being here shows that you already have an interest,” they said. “It’s a great starting point!”


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