Inside Mongolia’s Perspective



The Sunday Times had the pleasure to interview the delegate that is representing The Republic of Mongolia earlier today. The delegate of Mongolia felt that topic A was “an important topic to discuss especially when you consider how much repercussions offshore bases have on the local population”, and decided to vote on this topic.  However, he also understood the importance of topic B and said that “this is a relevant topic for nowadays, especially when you consider how many people in the world have a vast access to internet, so I understand why other delegates voted for this topic”.

The delegate of Mongolia is onto something; Per a study conducted by CNET, by 2020, people will choose to have phones with internet access instead of proper electricity connections. Although he did not vote for this topic originally, he still has a lot to say about this subject. He believes that before actually discussing this topic, “each delegate must consider the issue from three perspectives. 1) The perspective from the people, 2) from other governments and 3) from the United Nations.” In topics as controversial as this one, it is crucial to see it from different perspectives, and hopefully all the committee members feel similarly.

Next, we discussed what was Mongolia’s planned solution for this problem. Even though Mongolia has been a country that has managed to avoid the dangers of the Islamic State, the delegate of Mongolia feels it is better to be safe than sorry. He said that “solution[s] to this topic are not easy—there is a dilemma because we don’t want social media to be weaponized in our country, but we also want to protect our people’s right to freedom of speech.” Furthermore, the delegate of Mongolia is willing to be a team player and compromise to resolve the issue of weaponisation of social media.


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