Education or Sovereignty? It can’t be separated!

By Sarah Rangkuti, The WSJ (opinion)


It is now day two of the Harvard Model United Nations, and the view has changed automatically from introductions, seeking alliance and now into working hard to make the working paper. The Special Summit on Terrorism has been spinning to the same topic all over again during the committee. It took several time to make the forum have the same point of view in order to find the causes and the best solutions. After a long discussion on general statements of each countries’ situation and condition, SST has finally proceed to working on possible solution to the problem in combating the terrorism. However, when the WSJ got the chance to sit along with the countries’ during the committee session, there was slightly a thought: “Are we now stuck and spinning around all over again?”

Most of the countries were expressing their thought in prioritizing the education and the rest of the countries are pro-sovereignty. The Wall Street Journal believes in order to make this to an end, we have to know the background of each country. Remembering that each countries have its own interest, we need to find the universal basic solutions which can be implemented in all countries. Firstly, education must come first. It’s undoubtedly that education is very essential so that everyone in the country can choose the right thing. Second, when education has fulfilled, the unemployment rate will decrease, and this will diminish the crime and people will have more freedom to explore better opportunities. Third, the WSJ realize each country sovereignty are not to get intervened by other state.

Sometimes, western countries are less aware to the terrorism issue as they are not effected directly by the terrorism. An opinion comes from Israel which really makes the WSJ interested is: Israel noted that terrorism is not only the matter of moslem or jewish people, it’s not about religion, but humanity. All countries must take responsibility as terrorism is not only effected physically, but also comes in terror from lone wolf terrorism which the WSJ believes happen in most of the countries. The WSJ also agree with the delegation of Iran that we need to work hand in hand to make a training for the youth, researching what the markets want, so that the youth will got to the proper place to work. The WSJ believes when education and economy have been approach together, the terrorism will be vanished, slow but sure. (wsj)


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