Education Must Come first in order to Combat Terrorism

By Sarah Rangkuti, the WSJ (expository)


Delegates in Special Summit on Terrorism voted for a Moderated Caucus discussing education role against terrorism

The majority of terrorism occurs not in the west but in nations plagued by internal conflict including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, and Pakistan. In the first committee session, the delegates in the Special Summit on Terrorism are prioritized on cutting the root problem so the world could prevent the cause of terrorism. As the second day progresses, the delegates are starting to make the working papers. They gathered all ideas and put aside each countries egos to make the best solution that can be implemented in all countries.

As the moderated caucus is ongoing, most of the countries in Special Summit on Terrorism agreed that education must come first. Greece noticed that by educating the public, especially young generations, this could prevent them from being persuaded to be involved in terrorism. The same opinion was echoed from Barbados that educating the youth generation is an essential things to do. “We believe we can prevent this issue by teaching them the civil duty and responsibility. We have to taking them inside, so they won’t feel left out. That’s make them easy to be recruited by the terrorism group,” he added thoroughly.

Mexico also in favour of prioritizing the education to tackle the issue, “We have a proposed solution those are by formal education and informal education. We need to give the right curriculum and using the social media to spread the message. We want to teach people and even informing the dark side of terrorism,” Mexico stated.

Along with the Mexico idea about the formal and non-formal education, Norway noted the Non-Governmental Organization and government should taking role in educating the public. “We also should collaborate with other UN body such as UNDP.  We would like to have the vocational training through the internet, although there are so many people live in rural area we can still spread the information and it’s free to join,” Norway added.

Argentina is also in favour that education is crucial, “Tackling the root causes of terrorism in the first step and this can be done through education and counter propaganda,” as she said to the Wall Street Journal. The Syrian Republic as the country which experienced the impact of terrorism stated that terrorism makes everyone in fears; Syria is open to sharing information on what’s happening in the country and they proposed to have a monitor in cyber mechanism. Through the moderated caucus, positive support came from Saudi Arabia as they offer to provide the economic support to countries that want to increase access and quality of education to eradicate ignorant and misconceived ways of thinking about Islam.


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