Conspiracy or Cooperation?

By WBQ, Al-Quds Al-Arabi (opinion)

In today’s session of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), delegates presented their comments and opinions on current working papers that have been introduced.

One delegate emphasized the need for the committee to come together and work on a unified solution, stating, “We all missed the unity. We have only one world and only one purpose.”

The delegate of the United States pointed out that while different countries have their own capabilities and responsibilities, all should focus on working together. They emphasized three aspects of resolution: awareness, research, and education.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi agrees with the attitudes and efforts of the United States delegate. As the leader of all Western countries, instead of being bellicose and contrarian, this country decided to embrace the world with open arms.

However, the question remains as to whether this will be another false promise by the United States in order to control the world and create chaos within conferences. As a world leader, the United States has the ability to unify opinions from different countries or unite working groups to create one comprehensive working paper. However, what this agency found was that there was one working paper about nuclear force, one about contingency, one about wide-reach peaceful program, one about awareness and education as he said in his speech.

At this point in the conference, it seems reasonable that countries should be combining their working papers and cooperating toward a singular, comprehensive solution. The absence of such coordination may be due to world powers like the United States not leading the way. Alternatively, the words spoken so often in debate, like negotiation and communication, might simply be cliche placeholders instead of actual intended actions.

It took approximately twenty minutes for all working papers to be introduced, considerably a frustrating amount of time in a conference where time is of the essence. Hopefully we will see new progress in the committee in the future, to hear from more developing nations, and to see a successful resolution by the end of the conference.


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