Arousing Problems In The Committee of the Socialist Republic of Romania


In the latter half of the 20th century, communism incremented in many ways, and expanded to powerful countries in the world. This time is considered one of the most controversial and disruptive time in the history of the world. One country which stands out among other is Romania. Its history dates back to the 440 BCE when the Dacians started to inhabited the land. The people living there today considered themselves descendant from the Dacians, even thought romans had invaded them at some point in 105CE. Later on, once the power of communism had invaded the country in 1946 and 1947 its government started conducting trials for the people that opposed this new ideology.

In the committee of the State Council of the Socialist Republic of Romania, 1986 delegates are facing many challenges in this conference. One of the main difficulties they are confronting happens to be that the Minister of International Affairs started imprisoning members of the individuals rioting that have made some kind of radical violence to the population. Which, is not wrong to say the least. The Minister is trying to protect its country and sometimes hard measure need to be taken into account to succeed in what is proposed.


The Minister of International Affairs addressing the problems that the committee is facing.

Also, a terrible accident in what is called the “cold night” has left a numerous of people dead. What happened here is that the fire house usage did not work, and the consequences were catastrophic, to be exact 400 people died of hypothermia.

Additionally, the railroad between Bucharest and Iasi has brought a huge dilemma to the government. There has been some kind of food blockage, and the status of when will it get out or even where exactly this package is, is still unknown. To top that, the government deployed a group of paratroopers that are now lost. Nobody knows what happened and it seems they are far away from figuring it out.

Furthermore, a new decree passed the state council regarding energy production and natural resources extraction. This has scaled back investment in many ways, and the government is not happy with that. The energy shortage in Romania has never been great, but as of today it has decreased and severed too much.

It is safe to say that this committee is not going trough a great time, but that is not stopping the delegates into finding new and better solutions to address all the problems that have aroused and will be arousing during what is left of the conference.


Despite all the issues the committee is facing, the delegated and Directions smiled for the Press Corps team!


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