Africa Plus Block Denies Pro-Sovereignty Working Paper

By Daniel Juliao, El Mundo

The Special Summit on Terrorism is slowly edging closer to voting on working papers. By this point in committee, the blocs that will dictate later committee dynamics have begun to form. The Pro-Sovereignty Agreement advocates for the independence of nations. The working paper consists of signatories from all parts of the worlds including China, Cuba, Czech Republic. Egypt, Iran, Russian Federation, and Syria. El Mundo agrees and disagrees with distinct portions of this working paper.


The Sovereignty section of this working paper.

The area of strongest disagreement is the sovereignty component. It states that terrorism is an act done with the intention of creating a new nation state and asks the UN to assist only when recognized governments ask for assistance. Moreover, it specifies that countries requesting assistance must have veto power over actions done by the international body within their country. El Mundo disagrees with this extreme notion of sovereignty. Most of the signatories for this working paper have distinct histories of human rights violations against their own citizens. Terrorism in this situation may not be destructive, but rather a form of revolution against an oppressive and tyrannical government. If these nations were to receive veto power, then peacekeepers and outside support for a devastated minority may cease to exist.


The Delegate of Cote d’Ivore was eager to participate in the interview. 

However, El Mundo does not disagree with the concept of sovereignty and actually agrees with the idea of countries maintaining sovereignty. The African Plus Bloc presents a valid working paper on how to properly deal with terrorism while supporting sovereignty to a reasonable extent. The African Plus Block consists of African countries including Cote d’Ivore and Nigeria. The African Plus Block wrote a working paper called the C.O.AL Essence. To gather a better understanding of the working paper I interviewed the delegate from Cote d’Ivore. The delegate from Cote d’Ivore advocated for maintaining sovereignty to each respective country while compromising to an extent the Pro-Sovereignty Agreement does not. The C.O.A.L advocates delegating power to regional bodies because they are able to handle crises while maintaining sovereignty.



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