Somalia’s challenge to the Blue Hats

By Daniel Juliao, El Mundo (Expository)

The Special Political and Decolonization Committee, referred to as SPECPOL from here on out, is in the beginning stages of the deliberation regarding primary topic. The two topics being debated are Reforming UN Peacekeeping Operations and Improving Governance in Somalia.

Somalia, the principal country in the second topic, has become a strong advocate in reviewing topic A. As a country involved as heavily in topic B as Somalia is, nothing of positive essence can come for the African country if topic B is selected. Prior UN involvement in Somalia has had catastrophic results and it is no surprise that Somalia wishes to isolate outside involvement.

Within civil conflicts, there is always more than meets the eye, as was demonstrated during the Spanish Civil War. In such large and widespread conflict, heinous acts may be committed by the government or rogue forces in the name of what the acting party may conceive as for the proper good. These heinous violations if revealed to the general public may have a long-lasting impact on the country or government in question. Consequences may include trade restrictions and further involvement from peacekeeping forces. Peacekeeping forces serve as a major part of the ground conflict, and an increase of forces may only worsen conflict. The presence of further peacekeeping forces may threaten the sovereignty of Somalia. In order to better understand the position of Somalia and what solutions can be done to resolve the conflict in Somalia, an interview of the delegate of Somalia has been conducted.

The delegate’s stance was incredibly noticeable and further supported his reasons for supporting topic A instead of topic B despite topic B having a strong impact in Somalia. The delegate provided a remarkably strong link between failed peacekeeping missions in the past and the negative repercussions faced by Somalia presently. He referenced instances of violations in the past, such as the Black Eagle accident. The delegate of Somalia does not disagree with the presence of peacekeepers in Somalia. However, the delegate is a strong supporter of no violence and believes that reform must occur before further involvement from peacekeepers. To quote the delegate of social “determine original intention” and ensure operations are “carried in the right direction”. While it is impossible to entirely dismiss any violations against the people of Somalia, a peaceful end to the conflict is undoubtedly in the mind of the government of Somalia. Rather than believing the solution to their internal conflict must be addressed directly by a large international body, they rather assist in fixing any existing peacekeeping issues before letting their sovereignty be challenged by increasing numbers of United Nations mandated peacekeepers.


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