Should Social Media Be Under Supervision? YES!

By WBQ, Al-Quds Al-Arabia (expository)

The General Assembly of Disarmament and International Security seems to be peaceful and in order; however, the topic was not an easy discussion, with agreements and differences alike among delegates. For example, some countries believe that the terrorist attacks are linked to social media and as a result have proposed measures to supervise and regulate social media. The delegate of the Republic of Korea also suggested that measures need to be taken to enhance the identification system of social medias.

Al-Quds Al-Arabia strongly supports those opinions. If peoples’ lives have already been under threat, the government must do anything to eliminate or control the source of threat. However, the delegate of New Zealand addressed a ridiculous statement that the government should not interfere in the personal life of citizen because the responsibility is to grant freedom, not to take rights away from them.

Heated discussion took place in this conference room, with nearly half of the delegates in opposition to the other. After 30 minutes of debate, an unmoderated caucus was narrowly passed. Al-Quds Al-Arabia looks forward to future debate in this committee.



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