Legal Committee Tackles the Topic of Amnesty in Conflict-Torn States


“We have to look at the individual conflict. There is no one-size fits all solution to solving the situation of amnesty. Brunei is looking towards peace negotiations…as we are the bode of peace,” said Eric Kasprzyk, representative of Brunei Darussalam.

Picture1.pngDelegates narrowly pass a motion to discuss the topic of amnesty.

Delegates part of the Legal committee voted between discussing the topic of amnesty or espionage. By a narrow voting margin, the topic of amnesty took to the floor. For smaller nations such as Brunei, it is easy for large hegemons to control the flow of debate.

Amnesty in conflict-torn states have brought terror to other nations. The concept of amnesty is ethically wrong, as governments provide a pardon to those that have committed crimes that go against the law. It also poses as a large consummation of government funds. Immigrants can take part in welfare programs, which swallow a large portion of the economy.

In the Legal Committee, solutions surrounding amnesty have been voiced by delegations across the globe. The delegation of Singapore has made it clear that there is a difference between international and internal conflict.

“Amnesty is a form of forgetfulness. While there is a need for forgiveness, it is not always the answer to the problems,” said Guiliana Benedetto, delegation of Singapore.

Amnesty in Singapore revolves around cases that should be analyzed individually. The delegation of Singapore does not support the idea of allowing anyone to enter the nation, for fear of endangering citizens. While there is a need for amnesty in certain situations, there is also a need to analyze the internal conflict.

Nations such as India expressed similar concerns. There is a need to prevent widespread impunity, as this could lead to a lack of justice in many cases. India also hopes to isolate state and non-state actors. There is also a call to prevent the granting of blanket immunity.

For Singapore, it is extremely necessary to understand that if someone is seeking amnesty, the nation must fully understand the internal conflict in the torn nation. In the case of international conflict, Singapore seeks to work peacefully with the international community to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

Picture1.pngDelegations including Singapore work to form a resolution.

As delegates work to form resolutions, there is a clear line between accepting amnesty with open arms, and proceeding with caution. The peaceful negotiations led by Singapore will promote safety not only for citizens, but for the international community.


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