It Started With A Thunderous Applause



The whispers of more than 2800 delegates filled the room. The Park Plaza Hotel was full of anticipation and excitement. At 5 o’clock, the HNMUN staff appeared and welcomed, Douglas W Elmendorf, former congressional budget officer and the first keynote speaker. His speech was concise and heartfelt, emphasizing the role that an active citizenship has in creating a better future and more importantly, a good and fair government.

Next came Emily Conron who spoke about the work of the End 7 organization. Her speech shed light on tropic diseases, which is both an important and easily neglected topic. These diseases currently affect over a billion children in the world. Emily works with her organization with the aim of cooperation with governments in order to eradicate tropical diseases by 2020. Soon after, delegates from over 69 countries enjoyed a brief speech about the HNMUN 2017 social venture challenge. This project aims to take policies created in Model United Nations conferences and tangibly apply them to today’s urgent problems. Delegates who signed up before the conference will engage with this opportunity for social entrepreneurship.

Finally, the opening ceremony ended with a speech from Bennett E. Vogt, the secretary general. He welcomed all delegates to the conference and showcased a moving video from Antonio Guterres. After that, all delegates started making the final arrangements for the beginning of their committees.


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