International Civil Aviation Organization Press Conference


A press conference was covered today in the Economic and Social Council’s International Civil Aviation Organization. The questions asked in the press conference covered all the issues that have been discussed in the committee.

The first question was about the Germanwings incident and the specific regulations the committee is planning to suggest on mental health issues of pilots. Saudi Arabia made a quick statement by addressing the importance of flight safety as well as the necessity of direct pilot and airline contact. The last country chosen to speak was Japan, this delegation addressed the implementation of an initiative to examine pilots with long flight hours.

The second question focused on specific proposals to prevent racial profiling and to consider a special treatment from people traveling from countries of crisis. Indonesia’s response tackled the proper work the committee developed through the conference and the plans that were discussed in the working papers.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) proposal was not an issue that press corps covered, so the opinion towards this entity to enforce a two-person rule was covered, having two air crew members in the cockpit at all times. Supporting the idea in case an emergency develops, Iran stated that when a pilot is present, tests must be done and configured to gather the important information about the FAA proposal. On the other hand, Libya agreed with the Islamic Republic of Iran, so if one of the pilots has a mental breakdown, a second person is also on the flight.

Developing nations do not have the necessary funds to ensure safer airports, which is why the board was asked how the committee is willing to address the issue so airports can be more safe. The delegation of Chile stated that in order to make airports safer, wealthy countries must finance the project through aid. Creating a better infrastructure will create incentives for the workers to not commit corrupt acts.

Funding can sometimes prove a challenge for NGO’s and countries alike, which is why delegates were asked to answer a plan to account for those changes.  The United Kingdom had a plan with two main ideas that were supposed to tackle the proposals for the action in programs they rely that have a good will. Also, a flatfare would be established to recommend donations for air travel taxes.

Finally, a several discussions were held in the committee when the question about the measures to deal with outdated planes was covered. Italy and Germany recognixed that pilot training and the developing nations systems need to be upgraded.


The Delegation from Pakistan answering some questions


Saudi Arabia and part of their block listening to the Press Conference


The delegation of Tanzania brainstorming the answers soon to be replied


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