Brains Behind Press Corps, Goodbye and Thank You For Everything


A new family was formed in the Press Corps committee with delegates from all around that world that held the same purpose: updating the other delegates with the latest events taking place in HNMUN’s 62nd session.

The hard work made by each delegate here was exhaustive. From press conferences to updates in the committees, each news agency was supposed to cover the whole conference.


Phoebe, Tae, Fabiana (El País) and Karishma

Meet Karishma Shah, our director. She worked really hard to make the committee and was helped by Phoebe and Tae, the Assistant Directors, to review the articles submitted by each news agency. We did our best to cover the whole conference and we are sure that the other delegates recognized our efforts.

Today, the HNMUN conference ends, and we return to our countries happy and with a lot of acquired experience.

Thank you all for everything and be safe.


The Press Corps dais and the delegates representing El País, The New York Times, The Times of India, and Die Welt.


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