Bosses Focus On The Work, Leaders On The Team


In order to become a Faculty Advisor, acquiring knowledge requires a several years: you first start as a MUN delegate. Then, after several years pass by and you know all of the parliamentary procedures and special “tricks,” you are ready to teach and help others with your expertise. The Faculty Advisors travel from around the world; they coach delegates according to their knowledge and experience. They are their delegation’s biggest supporters.

Meet Carlos Egaña, a first-year Faculty Advisor of the Universidad Metropolitana de Venezuela. He feels really proud of his delegation and explained to El País a little bit about the hard work a Faculty Advisor has to do during the days of the conference.


He explained that the Universidad Metropolitana de Venezuela has been going to HNMUN conferences for about 24 years. Last year was his last MUN conference as a delegate in which he had the opportunity to  teach and advise their delegation. He enjoyed doing the aforementioned so much that he decided to become a Faculty Advisor. His delegation is now debating in nine different committees: his delegates usually specialize in the General Assembly’s committees but, this year, the delegates tried to send some of their best delegates to both ECOSOC and Specialized Agencies.

Regarding the conference, he states, “the conference has had an evolution in the last years that I’ve never seen…. From my point of view, it is becoming more like the other Harvard Conferences, such as WorldMUN.” He also addressed that the conference has become more informal and diplomatic, instead of what it used to be: competitive and aggressive. For me, it is a bit of a shock because I remember that in my first years of competing as a delegate, there was a level of stress and competition that was higher…. Over the years, though, I have gotten to see the chairs very relaxed and eager to do things that aren’t necessary according to debate.

Regarding awards, he states, “The best way to make a fool out of yourself is to predict the baseball game…. So I’m willing to do the same.” He is very proud of what his delegates have achieved during this conference: “I don’t think I can ask them to do more, they left everything out there.” However, he adds, the competition level is high.

This HNMUN conference has the best South American, European, African, and American delegations yet. With no more to say, he ended his interview with the following statement, “I have to close my eyes and hope for the best.”


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