Airline Growth In The New Millenium



Traveling should not be looked over so nonchalantly in the face of disabling it for the squabbles between airlines and their destinations. Allowing people to travel opens them up to new societies.  It goes without saying that experiencing new cultures up close and personal encourages people to understand them, and, as such, something that was once seen as simply leisure time can become a means of learning and fostering compassion. This is crucial to creating smooth international relations.  

With the rise of such companies like the Irish Ryanair that make flights destined for many European cities much cheaper than their competitors, the old mainstays of international flying could lose out on their customers.  The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) may need to point fliers to these lesser known airlines in an attempt to incite people who want to go overseas or farther away from home. Not only does this aid the towns that harbor the airports in these areas, but it also sees that the globalization of society on the whole can be met with increased knowledge and understanding of various cultures. Travel can aid in people’s immersion within foreign nations’ customs.

The drawbacks of such a change should still be considered within the same manner as before. The downside of growing airlines, in other words, has been addressed already with the 2014 issues of airlines cutting flights to Venezuela. Obviously, smaller airlines could still face these problems after many years of customer dependency, which typically will cause a company to become involved in power struggles that often might be quite petty. Another possible drawback may be the downsizing of the larger airline companies if the newer, smaller, cheaper companies become the preferred means of international transportation.

For such circumstances, it is necessary that the ICAO seeks to support the growth of all airlines, whether or not they are renowned or barely heard of. Such a free-market handling of these companies will likely produce price competition like never before seen for potential fliers, and the economy for towns with airports of any size should see an influx of newcomers – visitors or even, perhaps, those who intend to move to the area.


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