A World Away: Border Crossing Risks In The XXI Century



Death leaves behind many mentally wounded families and friends, especially in cases such as a dangerous, failed attempt to immigrant to another country. The sad reality of these refugees is that they may believe they have nowhere else to turn. Thus, the situation becomes even harsher when the country to which they wish to enter attacks them for attempting illegal entry. If these individuals are not killed, they can be turned away, forced then to endeavor a hazardous expedition once more.

The issue of migrants who lose all rights upon entering the workforce of a foreign nation and that of migrants facing death during their journeys pose quite a challenge: though migrant workers should never have to endure being stripped of their human rights, the latter issue deals with possible death; therefore, in my opinion, it should be dealt with urgently.

Many of these countries that turn away refugees do so under pretenses or accusations that are, if not baseless, utterly exaggerated. For instance, blaming illegal immigration for the loss of jobs in an area is a common misconception in the United States, mostly in Southern states. A legitimate employer of the USA cannot employ someone who does not possess proper identification. What needs to be addressed, then, is the truth about immigration. Furthermore, the benefits of immigrants becoming legal citizens should be emphasized. Border control should be wary of those who might resort to violence to stop refugees from entering the country.


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