Welcome back, Marlboro Man: Bell Pottinger Management Team


The year was 1950 and one of the most effectives and transcendent cigarette commercials was created: The Marlboro Man. Don’t let this image of a cowboy that can do anything he wished distract you from your chores when you see a poster of him smoking a cigarette with a catchy message: “Come to where the flavor is, come to Marlboro Country.” The Bell Pottinger Management Team recreated the poster today, giving it a different spin.


The company discussed today whether they should make a contract with Phillip Morris to recreate him, so more marketing can be done for the Marlboro company. Now he is not a cowboy, now he is a CEO that has an apartment with the prettiest view of Manhattan. He can also do anything, he is invincible and his money can guarantee him a bright future. So why wouldn’t they accept this new social campaign? Altria Group has just hired marketing specialists to create a draft of what the new poster will look like and we have the preview:


The image was so well-received that current negotiations are being held to launch the “New Marlboro Man” campaign.

The committee worked hard and discussed the matter.  We believe that their efforts are sure to keep their clients happy.



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