The World Conference on Women Already Submitted Working Papers


The World Conference on Women submitted Working Paper 1.1, which offers news services and infrastructure to combat maternal and sexual health.

According to the preamble of Working Paper 1.1, The [paper] is concerned with providing basic healthcare to precariously positioned mothers and women in the world.”   It would seek the collaboration of regional bodies, regional training centers and NGO’s to accomplish its four main access points:  medical centers for integrated services, education, training of workers, and healthcare access for all.

The paper calls for a female health clinic that provides family planning services and trains doctors and nurses in reading mammography, pap smear, urinal testings, and other skills in obstetrics and gynecology.

It also plans to work with organizations like the World Health Organization and the United Nations Population Fund to launch awareness campaigns on female genital mutilation.

To train workers, the working paper suggests creating a global task force to help Member States develop working partnerships with Doctors Without Borders, Freedom House, and other NGOs.  In particular, it calls on collaborations with the International Red Cross to establish home-based first-aid facilities.

To improve healthcare access, the paper calls on the creation of the PRP (Prevention, Response and Protection) Plan and on the launch of to provide individuals access to sexual, reproductive, and maternal information.


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