SOCHUM Confident Resolution on Prisoner Rehabilitation Will Pass


During a press conference this evening, the delegates of the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee expressed confidence that their body will soon pass a document proposing solutions to the issue of female prisoner rehabilitation.

 Delegations are working on several different working papers with proposed resolutions, however they all seem to be working towards the achieving the same goal. Nigeria is one of the nations drafting a working paper that addresses


Delegates from SOCHUM discuss working papers outside the Georgian Room

cultural differences between nations when treating the issue of rehabilitating female prisoners. This paper also seeks to address hygiene and sanitation of inmates.

USA has put forth an “In and Out” plan for treating female prisoners, specifically those with drug addictions. The plan gives treatment to prisoners for drug addictions while they are in prison, and also provides them with tools to manage their addictions further once they are out. Pakistan also criticized the current state of treatment for drug addictions, saying that treatment must be expanded now so that rehabilitated inmates do not fall into prisons again.

Most delegates at tonight’s press conference agreed that a document will be passed soon to address this pressing issue. Belize stated that many nations present at tonight’s press conference feel that reintegration of female inmates will benefit society as a whole, as successfully rehabilitated prisoners will not fall back into crime. The delegation from Ghana affirmed this confidence, saying that all nations in the committee are working towards the same goal, and are determined to pass a document.  


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