Press Conference on the World Health Organization Covered the Spreading of Pandemic Diseases



El País and Die Welt attended today’s press conference on the World Health Organization

The questions asked to the committee covered the initiatives or programs that have been proposed for the World Health Organization to move forward. The responses were made by the delegations of Portugal, that stated: “There were a lot of critics on the slow response of Ebola. As a result, to not let that happen again we have to respond as a whole so lives and money stop being wasted.” The delegation also expressed that it is important to work with the cooperation of NGOs. The delegation of Iceland agreed.

Regarding the crisis update that involved Nigeria, the question asked specifically to the involved delegation was :“Could Nigeria please comment on the level of WHO intervention it and its neighboring nations would have liked to have during the crisis and what they wish they had done differently?” The response of the delegation was that they had been hopeful in their ability to catch the disease, but, sadly the medical personnel got infected. The response that Nigeria would like to have from the WHO is to train medical personnel better since the lack of personnel equipment was one of the main causes of the spreading virus and 8 deaths.

Some individuals questioned the South American countries about the relation of the Zika virus to religious values in its countries. Countries like Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador expressed that if the fetus is suffering from an abnormal formation, abortion can be done nonetheless.


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