Press Conference on the IOM Committee Covered the Issues of Migrance



Delegates from the IOM pay attention and write notes while raising their placards to answer the questions.

Q: Who should be responsible for counting migrant deaths? 

Pakistan: Regarding the borders, its difficult to run tests. We must have the accountability filtered, which is basically an objective you can use to gather information. The idea is for both NGO’s and also the UN agencies to work along the borders Information regarding this must be provided, which is why we must unify the criteria on which this information is being collected.

Q: What direct actions must be taken in regards to human trafficking? 

India: Human trafficking is probably one of the main reasons why vulnerable groups are at the risk they face nowadays. As India, we believe that human rights needs to be cracked out. It is a national level issue. Most times people trafficked are told lies and it’s the lack of awareness and education that causes this to happen.

Q: Who should the IOM partner with to ensure a safer environment in refugee camps? 

Slovakia: The republic of Slovakia believes that we should join with the world’s millionaires like Donald trump or Bill Gates.

Q: How can measures to rescue migrants in peril be enforced, and who will be liable for this enforcement as well as safety? 

Chile: We are proposing to work with an NGO called, “The Migrant Offshore Aid Station,” who is already working with the UNHCR and Doctors Without Borders and some training like rescue corps. They are currently working in the meditarranian by sharing information with the Interpol.

Q:What legislature should be drafted to make the systems of detention and deportation just across all borders? 

United States: The US believes that the international community should be committed to providing amnesties to immigrants and undocumented workers in these nations. Specifically, it would provide the amnesty for individuals who have children who are born in underdeveloped countries: “We must make sure that people are not being repatriated to other nations and they can have a chance to live in the country of their choice”.

Q:Should countries be allowed to prevent people from certain origins from entering — what are the implications of screening migrants? 

Morocco: It is a matter of international sovereignty. We believe that there has been a specific agreement in this committee on the regard, but it is left unrevised. There are lots of different levels to cover like violent and terrorists groups like ISIS.

Q: Should countries be allowed to have migrant quotas? How would these quotas be adjusted in times of crisis? 

United Kingdom: We believe the issue of migrant quotas are sometimes beneficial for people who serve as clients, so there needs to be a better clarification of their quotas.


Delegates wishing to speak for the Q & A session.


The Draft Resolution that was previously discussed before the Press conference.


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