Ministers Discuss Future Plans for Nepal’s New Government


The Nepali Constituent Assembly has been working diligently the past two days, forming the new government that intends to take the place of Nepal’s former monarchy. The Assembly has formed a Council of Ministers, which will share power within the state and has proposed several new plans to move the country forward.

One question asked of the Ministers in a press conference today was how the newly formed Council intends to fix the nation’s massive debt. The Minister of Defense answered that the Council is not so much concerned with paying off the country’s debt, but rather with moving their people out of poverty. The Council plans to establish some form of a welfare state in order to make sure the Nepali citizens can actually make a living off of their main industry, agriculture. This economic plan can be viewed as a risky one, but the Minister of Defense says that it is a risk the Council is willing to take.


Members of the Nepali Constituent Assembly await questioning during a press conference today

One of the largest concerns the Council of Ministers faces is their plans to return the Nepali state of Kailanpur to statehood. In a show of force against returning Kailanpur to statehood, the Constituent Assembly lost one of their own when he was shot in the middle of the Assembly’s room. “This was a heinous act,” says the Minister of the Interior. The Assembly says they would be highly willing to use force in order to force those responsible to answer for this act, and to return Kailanpur to statehood. The Ministers all agree that in the next few days, drastic action must be taken.


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