Meet the DAIS: An Interview With The Director and Moderator of ICAO



Alkmini Chalofti (Left) and Angel Jin (Right) from the ICAO committee

After session IV ended, we gathered with the DAIS of the Economic and Social Council’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Meet Alkmini Chalofti (Director) and Angel Jin (Moderator), members of the chair committee.

El País : How has the debate been going so far? What are delegates’ efforts to solve the conflicts?

Director (Alkmini): The committee has respond well, delegates have been focusing on mental health issues for the session, and they have also been dealing with the subject very well. They are considering making plans for pilots to be able to diagnose mental health problems so that there will be less penalties.

Moderator (Angel): We have also talked about creating corporate checks and other systems of tracking potential criminals.

El Pais: Has any specific country proposed a framework to deal with the cases of air space borders?

Director (Alkmini): Delegates have already decided to be in blocks, so each block has proposed something different. About the accountability, some delegations have decided to offer sensitive training for all airport staff.

Moderator (Angel): We haven’t requested for Draft Resolutions yet, so I expect they will work on the details of the issue more. Merging Working papers have not been discussed yet, which is why we are open for debate and discussing about merging at the moment.

El Pais: Finally, what are your expectations for the end of the conference? Are you accepting several Draft Resolutions or just one? 

Director (Alkmini): We are accepting two to three draft resolutions for now and then we will have only one. So everyone at the end must vote for a unified one.

Thanks to this discussions in the committee, people will be able to flight more safely. With better standards of flying, problems and attacks can be reduced. We hope that every individual in the world can be aided with the passing of the resolution.


During debate, the director takes note on each delegates’ speech.


The moderator chooses which delegation is up to speak.


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