Kurdistan Regional Government Calls Upon International Community


The Cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government is in an increasingly difficult situation, with the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and several natural disasters destroying infrastructure and displacing people.   The Kurds are now resorting to asking the international community for aid and assistance, hoping to sway international public opinion in their favor.

In response to the flood in Baghdad, the Minister of Housing Reconstruction has launched initiatives to ensure that displaced people can find immediate alternative shelter during the current timeframe and to create better housing structures that protect against potential flood damage.

To reach local groups and the wider international community, the cabinet produced a movie starring George Clooney which portrayed the Deputy Prime Minister, his wife, and the Kurdish government as benevolent. Private media companies have also been reporting on Kurdistan.  All of this is a effort not only to communicate with the global community, but more important to persuade locals against joining ISIS and in favor of fighting for the Kurds.

“These will help inform the international community, not just for our own safety but for international security as a whole,” the Head of Dizha Tiror said.

In order to defeat ISIS while providing for their own people, the Kurdistan Regional Government created GoFundMe and Kickstarter campaigns that are regulated by international observers to fund humanitarian efforts.

“These will go towards providing blankets, food supplies and water bottles,” Falah Mustafa Bakit, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, said. “We need help from the international community, we cannot do it alone.”

image1 (3)

The Head of Peshmerga Affairs discusses the many actions the Cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government has taken to provide for the Kurdish people.


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