Keen on Green



Delegates and their working papers on environmental sustainability and advocacy.

“Dare to be Green” was the trademark that rang through the Environment Programme this morning. Delegates examined several points of commonality among working papers that were submitted yesterday.

In particular, they stressed that powerhouse countries should take bigger role in demonstrating leadership and advocating for global awareness.  According to the US delegation, developed nations must work with developing ones towards achieving environmental sustainability.  “We cannot just hand developing countries the necessary funds to assist with a sustainable future if they don’t know how to handle the tools properly,” she said.

“Transportation, health, but especially education, are three factors that cannot be forgotten,” added the delegate of the Philippines. She also noted that some working papers did not address all three areas and warns against attempting to make progress without education.

Economic prosperity and urbanization has helped form even more of a gap between developed and developing nations. Increases in population, poverty, and globalization are other factors that have accelerated the evolution of environmental issues. Belarus mentioned that a combination of education and cooperation among leading nations allows others to be more motivated and willing to achieve environmental excellence and sustainability. Spain chimed in, applauding the role of mutual partnerships in enhancing the quality of life for all. 


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