IOM Speaks Up for the Underspoken in Press Conference


This afternoon’s press conference with the International Organization for Migration left many inquiries firmly answered as delegates took great initiative to discuss the migrant life, resources, and security.

2016-02-13 16.37.34

Delegate from Pakistan takes a seat upon discussing migrant death counts.

The committee was asked who should be responsible for counting migrant deaths and the delegate from Pakistan was the first to respond: “Since it is very difficult for countries to gather this information…the idea is the NGOs and UN agencies work among regional bodies… to provide information regarding this [migrant deaths], so that we can be as objective and unify the criteria under which this information is being collected.”

2016-02-13 16.37.03

The delegate from India confidently raises the placard to discuss human trafficking.

The press conference took a turn in inquires as the delegates were asked what direct actions need to be taken to prevent human trafficking. The delegate from India replied with a strong assertion on their stance regarding this issue.

“Human trafficking is one of the main reasons why vulnerable groups are at the risk they are at,” said the delegate from India. The delegate said that India believes that human trafficking is a national issue that needs to be cracked down on. The this issue mainly exists in underdeveloped and overpopulated countries. The delegate suggested that increasing educational programming for at risk communities to ensure that they know the risks and signs of human trafficking, is vital.

When delegates were asked how measures to rescue migrants in peril can be enforced and who shall remain liable for this enforcement and safety, the delegate from Chile explained that they were proposing to work with an NGO called The Migrant Offshore Aid Station, who already works with UNHCR and Doctors without Borders.

2016-02-13 16.37.09

The delegate from Morocco addresses the Press regarding whether countries should be able to prevent migrants from coming in.

The question of racial profiling was addressed as well. Delegates were asked whether countries should be allowed to prevent people from certain origins to enter and what the implications of screening migrants were. It was the delegate from Morocco that answered first saying, “It is a matter of national sovereignty…for certain countries, refugees have to be screened, especially because of matters of terrorism through ISIS.”

The delegates spoke confidently about their standpoint regarding migrant rights and the Hurriyet Daily News looks forward to learning about how overcrowded countries with huge migrant pools can be helped by the international community.


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