Interview: Mexico in SPECPOL proposes a tripartite formula for preventing Water Wars.



Louis Gagny: Delegate from Mexico in SPECPOL

In an interview with Mexico’s representative to the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, Louis Gagny, he revealed that the country is working actively on ending water wars and preventing cases of water scarcity in the world. He said that active steps are underway to create a framework and a system to effectively manage this crisis.

He stated that his country is currently a member of a bloc which has countries like Mexico, USA and the UAE. He says the recommendation of his bloc as well as his Country specifically is a three-fold formula to end water scarcity.

He said the first way of attacking the problem is to approach the causes of trans-boundary conflict on water and recognize it as a world problem in order to effectively combat it with the vigor and attention it deserves.

He said the second was they propose to combat the problem is to renew the pattern and framework of the 1977 Convention as well as create guidelines for State Parties to follow in the management of water resources.

The third and final approach they propose is to create a Special Rapporteur for a Water Resources Committee whose major function would be to report periodically to the Committee on the state of water management by various member states as well as make recommendations on a country to country basis.

The recommendations proposed by Mexico appear to be practical and effective strategies for combating the problem of dwindling water resources. Die Welt hopes that these recommendations see the light of day.


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