Interview: Freedom House seeks to represent the interests of all the other NGOs



Freedom House Delegate: Fernando Alan Petz

Although Freedom House seeks primarily to uphold Democratic values and principles in the international arena, it has a new resolve to uphold generally the interests of all the other NGOs when an issue relating to another NGOs primary interest comes before a Committee. In an interview with the Freedom House Delegate, he reveals that the organization intends to achieve this new objective by supporting countries in a committee who make recommendations in line with democratic values generally and who support the cause of any of the NGOs. When asked for a practical example, he says, “for instance, we are not Greenpeace but when the issue of environmental sustainability comes before a committee we would do what Greenpeace would ordinarily in such a situation.” This new strategy of the Freedom House affords it the opportunity to play diverse roles as a non-state actor in the International Community.

When asked about what the achievements of the NGO is in managing the situation in the Middle East, he stated that the Freedom House seeks to set a global standard in managing the situation in order to set a precedent for any future migration crisis that might arise. He also states that for country specific situations like Syria, it seeks to help in protecting the general well-being of the citizens so they won’t want to migrate to other countries.

On the other side, he states that the migration of these migrants helps to achieve the goals of globalization by creating a variety of cultures since. However, he recognizes that ideally, this is not for the best reasons — it would have been better if this goal was being achieved in other circumstances. Countries have, however, joined to work together to ensure the seamless assimilation of these migrants into the cultural life of the host countries.


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