Editorial based on an Interview with the Representative of Greenpeace International.

Greenpeace believes in sustainable development for all persons and states, that the environment is the number one concern for all, and that all major threats to every country are linked to the environment. Green peace international is currently working with the Committee on Special Political and Decolonization. Specpol is discussing access to clean water and its availability for many nations. There are many ideas being presented one of which is increasing foreign investment. Green peace is unequivocally against such investment being monopolized.

The problem with the private sector is that it can monopolize countries’ resources and this is of grave concern to Greenpeace. Certain states in the committee such as Ireland and Cuba seem to have issues with states like Syria who seek assistance as their entire water industry is monopolized by Turkey and Israel. Greeenpeace International, however, finds a flaw in what the states have proposed in their working papers which entails the reduction of trade barriers to allow more investment in the States but opens the door for monopolies to occur. Dropping trade barriers would lead to a liberalization of the economy so that there are zero tariffs and zero trade barriers for a corporation to enter an economy. While this is supposed to promote market capitalism, it can lead to corporate imperialism as seen in Haiti, republic of Congo and Zimbabwe.  In the current scheme, there would be in place subcommittees with appointed experts in resource management, global economics, trade, and commerce to act as advisors for states while the states grant jurisdiction. This would enable them to prevent monopolization and make the environment safer for everyone. However, granting them a jurisdiction would come under the auspices of democracy.

Greenpeace looks forward to a resolution that helps countries and encourages them to help one another by giving incentives to do so. Greenpeace asserts that if this resolution is passed there would be the creation of sub-committees devoted to developing countries and ensuring equality of access to clean water. This resolution would be the first step to implementing many other resolutions in several committees across the UN by which their interests would be protected.


Delegate of Greenpeace International. Taken on 12/02/2016


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