Freedom House: The Fight for Democratic Liberty



From left to right: Alan Petz of Freedom House, Diego Floresmo of Acumen Fund and the delegation of Sweden discuss collaboration and partnership.

“Democracy!” According to delegate Alan Petz, this single word is the epitome of everything Freedom House embodies. Freedom House is a Non-Governmental Organization that was established in 1941, making it one of the earliest forerunners to fight for global freedom. “We are committed to the promotion of democracy, freedom, human rights, and sustainable development,” Petz explained in an exclusive interview with the Globe and Mail.

Petz dedicated this afternoon to collaborating with governments who share similar views as those of Freedom House. He formed close ties with the United Kingdom’s delegation team during Session II, where both parties analyzed and discussed ideas surrounding Human Rights and Migrant Safety. 

Migration occurs for a variety of reasons that can range from social, political, economic or even environmental factors. Petz made it clear that Freedom House and the UK are not trying to eliminate migration entirely. Rather, what can a country do to diminish a citizen’s reason for migrating if the reason is preventable?  

Freedom House makes it their objective to fight for better political rights with a very strong emphasis on democratic establishment. The goal is to defy dictatorship with leadership. For a migrant living in a repressive society, their voice is lost and their rights are stripped. By enforcing a partnership between secure democratic bodies, Freedom House is able to confront and challenge authoritarian regimes.


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