Enterview: Colombia from IOM About Border Crossing Risks



Delegate of Colombia.

“We are not focusing on the political issues of states. We are looking for human dignity that is an outcome from migration.

Q: How do you ensure that the family and children are safe? How do you prevent migration from dying in countries?

A: About 1300 deportations have occurred in Colombia, depending on the committed crime we judge and later deport them but human dignity is something we have to ensure on States.

Q: Since you are a South American country and currently Colombia is facing a crisis, what is your delegations approach towards this issue?

A: FARC has caused a lot of tension between Colombia and Venezuela at this point. Venezuela has been deporting a lot of Colombians because they fear they are working with FARC or smuggling goods to the country. Our approach to Venezuela, without affecting human dignity, is to ensure that Colombian children living in Venezuela will be protected, as well as our borders.

Q: How do you approach human dignity on a larger scale? How can you focus on these issues without affecting human rights?

A: When deported children come to Colombia back from Venezuela, we aim to integrate them into the society and make them safe for a global level. That’s our Colombian point of view on the global issues.”

In the upcoming days of the conference, the International Organization for Migration is expected to cover the necessity of NGOs and effective programming and planning measures.


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